Learn from the Leaders about the Best Wood Routers

Among the most valuable items that your living room has, the furniture made of quality wood is an important component. It might be made of rosewood or teakwood, but the elegance it brings to your living room is simply unmatched. To get that fine curves to the arm rests of the chairs, the woodworker must have put lots of efforts. It is interesting to know what great efforts he puts in making such awesome products.

The art of making fine pieces in wood needs extraordinary effort and patience. Unless one is committed to the task, he cannot perform his job so well carving the intricate designs that are simply superb. I wonder how they are carved out that elegantly.

The Bosch PR20EVSPK router

Listen to What the Experts Say

The other day, when I was sharing my astonishment with my friend who is in the business of importing wooden furniture, he made certain valuable observations about the best practices in making wooden furniture.  It is like a revelation to me about the latest tool kits that are available for the skilled workers.

It is said that router is one of the incredible tools in the hands of a skilled worker. With a right router, the wood worker can do many miracles in the wood. It is quite amazing how he hollows out the unnecessary wood inside and makes hollows and cuts the designs.

Latest Tools for the Skilled Wood Workers

There are different bits to be attached to the router point to carve out a particular shape or design in the wood. By changing the bit of the router, it is possible to get the shape of the hollow you want and the depth of the hollow you need as per the requirements.

It is essential to go through several wood router reviews before you purchase the right router for your work. They reveal the special functions of each router and the particular specifications for each. Fine works can be done with fine tools. There is no doubt about that. If you use a tool of the wrong size, though you are using the right one, it will not give you the finish you want. Much depends upon what tools you are using while working.

Whether your requirement is plunge routers or fixed base routers, it is better to know from the experts and what they about each. There are routers that can be used in both the ways. Just spend some time and know what the expert’s opinion is in this matter.

Amazing Router Bits

Much of the magic with the router work lies in the bits you choose for your work. Each bit has a specific function to do and a particular design to make. Unless you know what specific design you want, you can’t choose the right bit for it.

Industrial Router Bits

The professional experience and skill of the wood worker play a crucial role in determining the right tools and the perfect use of the selected tool. Unless the wood worker is well trained in using the wood routers, he can’t make a fool-proof product that meets the expectations of the customers.

Among the router bits, you have got a number of options depending on the particular requirement. There are straight router bits and spiral router bits. It all depends on what you want to do.

You can get perfect edges by choosing the edge forming router bits. When the edges are smooth and elegant, they bring a refined look to the finished product.

Router Bits for Different Requirements

There are routers for every specific cut and design. There is a clear and well defined objective behind the design of each router bit. You will find a good number of router bits by going through the wood router reviews. They tell you how each bit is useful for your work. You must know about groove routers bits, molding router bits, slot cutting router bits, sign making router bits, door and panel router bits, router bit starter sets, and special application router bits.

The durability of a product has much to do with how the different parts of the product are joined. Special care has to be taken in joining the parts and making the final product. Joinery router bits play a key role in making perfect holes to fit the pieces together tightly.

Router Accessories

It is not just router bits that you need to take care of. There are other important and essential accessories that can help you to make your work easy and professional. Let us see what they are and how they are useful.

Router Table Plan

Router table stands make it easy and convenient for you to work with the routers. There are many router table packages that you can choose from. Along with the tables, you can also have the router table fences to have additional protection and convenience for your work.

In addition to these, you can also have a glance at the router plates, router lifts, router table accessories etc. If only you know that there are certain additional features available to you, then only you can avail them to your advantage. Hence, it is essential to know more about the various routers before you make a final decision to purchase them.

Basic Knowledge About Planer

planer for woodworking

For those wood workers that often deal with big projects that need to work with big woods then you probably need this machine. If you want to step up your woodworking game then this machine might be the answer. This tool or machine is a perfect addition to the finishing process.

While people talking about planer, they often connected it with jointer. Both of it are for woodworking and both have different functions. A jointer is used to cut and level only some particular part or edges of a woods. While a planer is used for flatten out a woods so the whole woods, would have the same thickness, it would be parallel to the other sides. Which one to use first is based on what you need.

We are going to focus on the planer. So, do we really need to buy this machine? I think yes because it has quite a lot of benefits that would make such difference to your woodworking.

  • Perfect for the finishing process for woodworking.
  • Makes a perfect smooth surface.
  • Makes a perfect parallel surface.
  • Makes a perfect flat surface.
  • Cut the woods into the perfect desired thickness.
  • Create a nice grain wood’s surface.

There are several types of planer that you could buy. Each of them have different purposes too so you have to make sure which one is the best for your needs. Those five different categories are:

  • Handheld planers
  • Thickness planers
  • Jointer planers
  • Portable planers
  • Benchtop planers

Handheld planers 

They are the planers that you can move it around with your hands. This planer usually used in the finishing process. Example if you need to shave just a very little tiny part of the woods, remove last wood’s strands, or smooth wood’s surface.

Handheld planers

Handheld planer would give you a precise cutting and thickness control as you wanted. It is easy to move around because you are the one who hold it, and you can cut the woods at the thickness level that you desired. This kind of planers do not need any electricity because most of them use battery.

On the other hand, this kind of planers also have some disadvantages. Because the control of this handheld is your hand so it won’t give to a very precise thickness for every cutting that you would make. Some of it are expensive so you have to take an extra effort to find the cheapest one.

Thickness planers

They are planers to make your woods at the same thickness. This would be perfect if you buy a rough wood that is cheaper rather than the usual semi- finished wood so you could use this machine to level and smoothen up your woods. This machine is so easy to use, mostly give you a perfect result, and doesn’t need any extra steps to take care of it.

Meanwhile, because this is a machine, you can only cut your woods to a limited thickness setting, probably going to be a hard work if you wanted a super thin woods. Some of the machine needs a couple of passes to get to your desired thickness and some also doesn’t gives you a precise cutting.

Thickness planer

Jointer planers

They are machines that allow you to use both jointer and planer. For those who needs both of this machine and for those who are confuse which one to buy, you could just this machine instead.

This machine is not cheap so make sure that you really need this before you buy and make sure the machine is worth the money. Also, this jointer planers are quite dangerous to use, read the instruction, learn how to use them, and wear protection will prevent you get injured.

Portable planers

They are planers that you could easily carry somewhere. Of course it will adjust the model and machine to be lighter and more efficient so it is easy to move around. Those that are portable usually comes in a smaller size but with the same power and function to the real thing, this also applies to portable planers. Small size with great power.

A lot of advantages come from this machine besides the easiness to carry around, such as it only needs small spaces to keep it, easy to use (of course), light, great power, great performance, and not expensive. A few machine also have quite a long time, a few years warranty.

Dewalt Portable Thickness Planer

Benchtop planers

They are planers that used a flat surface or a benchtop to work with. This comes in a size just a little bit bigger than the portable planer. Some benefits that you would get by using this machine is you can basically work with any type of woods even the hard one because it has a strong motor, it would be able to work with deeper cuts of the wood, perfect control over the thickness, and perfect precisions about the cutting.

This machine could also be dangerous so you have to know how to use it first. Benchtop planers are relatively bigger than portable planer so it would take a lot more spaces to keep them, it would be heavier so might be pretty hard to carry around, and because it has powerful motor so it needs a lot of power.

Before you buy any of these, you have to know what are your needs so you could buy a machine that would perfectly fulfilled your needs.

Some reasons explain why you really need a wood router table

Router table for home use

Between the greatest furniture that has great worth in your living room, the ones which are created from the wood, especially the good quality, will be a necessary element to decorate your room become a luxury room. This furniture which is mentioned above can be made from different materials such as rosewood or something like that.

However, the luxury which they brought to the house is uncountable. If you want to own the curves is suitable with chair’s arm, the manufacture will cost a lot of sweat and effort to create it. One of the tools you need to create is the great thing is the wood router table. To choose the best router table is not easy, you need to refer to the wood router table for more details. In this, we will show you some things about it.

Remember, in order to create this work of art, it requires workers must have the resiliency and skill. They must be people who are very devoted to their craft, otherwise, the product will produce very bad quality. And a skilled worker, requiring a good tool, equip him an object like the wood router is very worthy. The following reasons will be clear what its use.

Use a Router Table

One of the most favored tools

Businesses, business entrepreneurs in carpentry, while sharing experiences with each other, or talking to their employees all have one thing in common is often their wish to increase productivity through the tools mine. And the monitoring and surveillance process of working to create multiple appliances, furniture, all to mention how to choose the wood router.

The wood router table is considered as is one of the most favourite things of the workers who work in the field which relates to wood. Own the good wood router table, he is able to create many awesome products. He can hollow out any area, even the rough area, to create some curves, hole for his mind. That is really cool.

One of the best quality tools

It has various bits which are accompanied by some point of the wood router table to create the specific shape or the worked could design any curves what he wants. If you need to make a hole, a curve, a shape which the client assigned or something like that, you just need to change the parameter of the router bit. That is all everything you need to do.

You need to find out the technical parameters, because this commodity on the market there are many different types, size, size, features, applications, depending on each person, but it’s different order respectively. Although depending on the needs of users, but if you have time, you should learn as well as references ideas from experts or people who are knowledgeable about this area.

Setting Up and Using a Router Table

High life expectancy

Depending on the type of table you select the different types of saws.

So, this has the advantage of high performance, cost savings, itself less heat and noise creation should be suitable for the summer. The downside is that much harder to use for the first time, hard work items, used items long, or in the plane is not flat … If you decide to buy this kind of stuff, you should choose the type of quality goals, to the size.

  • For those with lower capacity, the smaller performance a little kind of high quality, emitted more heat should be used quite hot summer weather, however, the price of this commodity to suits families. So this is a good choice.
  • However, even though this kind of items they have advantages slowdown is quite sustainable, long vanity, high life expectancy.

Matching the size of the people

If you select for your table or for members of the family, then we think you have to consider depending on the location where its inventory table, the height of those that regularly use this type of table. Often in industrial production, the majority of workers who have high fitness standards should also be fixed height.

With the men if they buy are relatively high professional type used for its durability properties so you can use for ten or twenty years from now. According to the experience of many people, against the wall very handy for the tool, wood or easily cleaned of dirt, but also scattered. Besides, do not forget to equip the necessary items such as lamps with anti myopia, animal protection avoid wood materials shoot at people.

Bench-mounted Router Table

A few notes

Please buy the appropriate table size of your height, because if too high, you can not work, but if too low will lead to chronic diseases such as osteoarthritis later, discomfort, etc.


How to make Excellent Picture Frames: Tips

traditional picture frames

If you love doing some woodworking project in your weekends, here is one of the easiest and best projects you can undertake. Making wood frames for your family photos is one of the easy one you can choose from this week.

When you keep the photos in the album and lock them in the cupboard, nobody will get a chance to have a look at the photos. What is the best way of getting a chance to look at the photos often that you love most?

Why don’t you think of putting a few photos together and frame them? Keeping a few important photos in a single frame is a novel idea and it won’t cost you much either.

So fix in your mind to work on a wood photo frame this weekend and start with preparing a checklist for your first project.

Wood Frames

Prepare a Checklist

Items you need to make a wood photo frame:

  • Neatly cut wood pieces that you use for the frame. Select the type of wood that suites best for your purpose and within the limits of your budget
  • Glue is something you use to join the sections of the frame together. It is put on the joints before you clamp them into a frame.
  • Nails are used to join the frames permanently. They come with small heads and are a perfect choice for fixing the joints. Select the size of the nails as per the thickness of the wood. Go for smaller ones that serve the purpose well.
  • Wood which is like a glue-like substance that helps you to fill the holes and gaps in the wood. Sometimes, when you are making a thin frame, it is natural that the wood develops small cracks when you hit the nails down too hard. It is very useful to make corrections.
  • Stain is used to paint the frame and when it is applied to the wood, it changes the appearance of the wood. It looks refined and excellent.
  • Varnish a clear fluid. You can use it before you go for painting the wood. You can go for the first coating with varnish.
  • Matte is used as the background in the frame. It keeps the photos in their place perfectly.

Tools you need for making photos frames

To produce a perfect piece of work, you need the right tools. It is the right set of tools that make your work easier and faster. And you can get the desired you want.

Measuring tools like the tape, metal ruler are the first things you need. You can use the metal ruler for smaller and shorter wood pieces and the tap for long pieces of frame.

Hand saw is essential to cut the wood pieces and craft them into a photo frame. It is cheaper and safer for a beginner than a power saw. Though it takes a little longer to craft the frame, it is preferred to the power saw at this stage of your work.

Mitre box is required to cut the picture frame. The different angles 45 degrees and 90 degrees of the mitre box allow cutting the frame perfectly. Some come with clamps which make the task easier.

Clamps are required at many places when you are making a photo frame. They come in different models. They hold the wood piece tight, so that you can work on them easily. There is ‘C’ type clamps which prove very handy and easy to use.

Hammer is a basic tool you need for any wood work. You use it to fit the pieces together or when you nail them.

Sander is a sheet of sandpaper which you use to make it smooth surface of the frame. We use it before you stain the wood and varnish it.

Paintbrush is required for varnishing and painting. The purpose of the paintbrush is obvious.

Marking pencil is essential when you are taking measurements and marking the same on the wood pieces. Though it is a small item, still it plays a crucial role in making the frame.

Drafting Triangle helps you when you are joining the wood pieces into frames. It helps you measure accurately the degrees of joints.

Barn Wood Picture Frame


Follow the precautions well. As prevention is better than cure, it is essential to get your work done without inviting too many problems.

  1. Take perfect measurements and keep them accurate. Check twice or thrice before you start working.
  2. Plan how many photos you want to keep them in the frame. Based on the requirement, plan the size of the frame before.
  3. Select the wood that suits best for the purpose. Don’t go for too thick or too thin frames.
  4. Check the joints and see that they are perfectly aligned. Fill the gaps with caulk and paint them well.

Six woodworking tools that every woodworker should have

wood tools

Every construction work needs a bunch of skilled workers that are well acquainted with the tools they are dealing with. Whether you are planning to build a house or a school or any other structure, or you may want to build a beautiful house out of wood rather than cement, concrete or stone, you will be definitely in need of tools. These tools are not only for decreasing workload, but they save a lot of time too.

A woodworker needs several working tools compared to other construction workers. From cutting the rough timber to sanding the already made wooden project, the importance of these tools can’t be denied at all. Here, we will take a look on those essential tools that make the woodworking more convenient and comfortable for the workers.

Six woodworking tools


Screwdrivers Range

Not only to the professionals, screwdriver is one of the most well-known and useful tools to all of us. This one is wonderful for turning the screws, whether you need them to be tight or loose. Different sizes of shafts are designed to deal with different types of screws, therefore, collecting the whole set will always be a better option.

While heading to buy a new set, along with the shaft, don’t forget to check the handle as well. The handle is generally made out of hard plastic or rubber. Though over time, both the shafts and handles were modified and remodeled again and again. But, modern screwdrivers are more user friendly, easy to grip and ensure maximum control than ever before. Along with the manual screwdrivers, powered ones are also available nowadays.

Circular saw

A circular saw may not be small, but they are portable. For performing a heavy task, like cutting thick pieces of wood, this powerful device is wonderful. A circular, sharp, toothed blade attached to it continually spins while cutting different materials. Not only wood, circular saw is being used for cutting other materials also, for example, metal, plastic, etc.

Bosch GKS190 190mm Hand Held Circular Saw

This one can easily be a replacement of a table saw while associating with the clamps, especially when cutting the plywoods or the fiberboard with medium density. Like any other power tool, improper handling of the tool can be dangerous. Therefore, while approaching to use the tool, make sure you are well acquainted with the uses of it.

Wood router

Whether you are a novice or a professional, wood router is the tool that every woodworker should possess. This one is considered as the most versatile tool around the world. For performing intricate and precise woodworking tasks, like creating dovetails, grooves, finishing edges and several other jobs, wood router are the second to none.

This tool, generally, derives in two categories – Stationary base and the Plunge base wood router. Though the plunge base routers are more versatile and capable of working more efficiently, but still the beginners should start with a quality stationary base wood router until they become expert in handling the plunge base one. The router bits are extremely sharp, extreme caution is needed while working or cleaning these bits. A little careless attitude can cause serious injury.

Move Router Across Wood

Power drill

Omitting the power drill from the list will be a great mistake when we are talking about the essential tools that every woodworker should have in their collection. With changeable bits and appropriate attachment, this tool can turn into a more versatile one. While manual screwdrivers are time consuming, the power drill uses an electrical motor to perform rapidly and with more efficiency.

Both the corded and cordless drills are available in the store, pick the one that suits your job. Though cordless drills are portable and easy to handle, but the corded one is more powerful and versatile. Moreover, the corded one is cheaper than the cordless power drills too.

Table saw

Now, we are talking about the heart of a working station, a table saw. This one is also known as a saw bench, consisting of a circular blade that is generated by an electric motor, protruding through a table which supports the material that will be cut. The depth of the cut is determined by the movement of the blade, if the blade protrudes more, the cut will be deep and vice versa.

Every table saw should include a blade guard to protect the user from the bare blade and a large on/off switch, even a paddle switch too,  should be there to support the user when the hands are busy. Therefore, while buying check these security options for avoiding accidents.

Table Saw


When you are working with wood, but don’t own a sander is simply not possible. Every woodworker may need a smooth, flat surface at any point of the working and a power sander does the job easily and effortlessly. For a smooth surface, nothing can be a better option than a sander.

The sanders family is even big enough to occupy all the spaces of your workshop and it’s not possible to buy them all too. You can start with a palm sander or random orbital sander at the beginning, others can be left for later.


Woodworking is fun, whether you are a professional or an amateur. Turning a raw timber  into a beautiful piece of art, is the passion that motivates the woodworker to work with the wood more and these tools are the ultimate support in this journey. Along with making the work easier, these tools even help in finishing the task faster. Woodworking would never be so easy and exciting without these helping hands.

How to make a simple storage box following some simple steps?


Finding your kid’s toys scattered all around will be the worst nightmare for the parents  while returning home from a hectic day in the office. This taunting thought compels me to make a wooden storage box which is  beautiful and easy to make, but extremely useful. Not only the toys, you can easily store other less necessary stuffs here, for example, the blanket during the summer season and those unused stuffs that are occupying your kitchen racks. It can easily be the replacement of your broken toolbox too. Moreover, you can make it at home on a weekend.

Bore Gage Wood Storage Box

Things you will be in need of

  • Wood ( depending on your choice)
  • Mitre saw
  • Glue
  • Mitre saw
  • Belt and orbit sander
  • One plywood floor- half inch thick ( 36 / 20 inches)
  • Miler dowels
  • Two torsion hinges
  • Hammer
  • Clamps


As we are planning to build a storage box of 1×4 inch, the measurement will also take in the similar way.

  1. Front and back panel of 1×4 box (long pieces)- 6 pieces x36 inch
  2. Front and back panel of 1×4 box (short pieces)- 4 pieces x34.5 inch
  3. Side panel long pieces – 4x 20 inches
  4. Side panel short pieces – 4x 18.5 inches
  5. 4 Lid pieces 1×6 – 40 inches

Steps to follow

When you have all the ingredients lined up and the measurement list ready, it’s the high time to move towards the next step. Never forget to follow the measurement properly for avoiding any misuse.

Step 1 – Cutting the board

Take out the measurement list and according to the measurement cut the board using a mitre saw. While approaching to cut the boards, special attention should be given to the measurement. The front, back, lids, etc., have different calculation. A little carelessness can spoil the whole board and you may end up buying a new one.

Step 2- Laying out the side panels

After cutting the board according to the size, it’s the time to build the side panels. For the front side panel, laid out five pieces of board, long and short alternatively. Place the long one at the top and the bottom, and others alternately. You can keep a measurement unit (a spacer) to ensure the boards are placed equally. Now, add the wooden boards with the glue and make sure your working surface is covered well to avoid any spilling of the glue. Repeat the process for other side panels and the lid.

About Wooden Storage Boxes

Step 3- Clamping the boards

After checking the alignment of the boards apply glue to the each joint of the boards and wipe of the unnecessary one with a wet rag. In case of uneven seams, take a scrap wood block and level the uneven place using a hammer and the block. Now, attach the clamps for further tightening. Don’t forget to place another clamp on the opposite side to prevent from cupping. Remove the clamp after 1 hour and leave the glue to set overnight.

Step 4- Sand the lid and the sides

The next day when the glue is perfectly set on the panel, lay it on the work surface and with a belt sander, sand both the sides of the panels until the seams completely disappear. Then use an orbit sander for smoothing the panels

Step 5- Fit the panels

The next step is simply fitting the panels, but before applying glue, dry-fit the panels. In tight spots, use 180-grit paper to shed the unnecessary part. Once the joints fit perfectly, apply the glue onto the joints. Make sure the joints are perfect and attach the clamp for better fitting. Keeping the clamp on its place, glue and nail the formerly selected plywood floor to its place.

Step 6- Drilling the pilot holes

Mark the pilot hole, using a combination square on the long boards, 3/8 inch from the ends and 1/2 inch from the bottom and the top edges. Using a 1/8 inch bit, drill from the front to the end of the adjacent board. Now, use the TruFit bit to enlarge the holes so that the Miler dowels can be adjusted.

Step 7- Inserting the dowels

Insert the dowels into the pilot holes after applying the wood glue and tap them fully using a hammer. Check twice that the holes are free of any sawdust, before inserting the dowels. Now, cut the ends of the dowels that are pouring out of the socket. Use a small flush-cutting saw to do the job and for smoothing the corners, hand-sand the corners using a sanding block.

Step 8- Installing the hinges

At the end, attach the torsion hinges  to the underside of the lid and the opposite side of the hinges on the top of the back of the storage box. Now, your box is complete unless you want to do some finishing job. You can use wipe-on satin for this job.

Old Wooden Storage Box


Finally, you are done with your simple storage box. This one will not keep your kid’s toys in place, but it will beautify your house. This storage box can easily be a part of the furniture in your house, which is not only beautiful but useful too. This will not even take longer hours, you can finish the task just by dedicating a few hours. Undoubtedly, it will not even charge more and if you have spare wooden boards, you can use them too without buying the new one.

Other Things You Should Know About Sanding

Why people feel like it’s important to sanding your woods? Well, to those who doesn’t feel like sanding is important, you have to change your mind. I know it’s an extra step to do but it’s going to be worth it.

Your project’s surfaceis the first thing people see when they see your works. If you do the sanding part, it will look smooth, it would take away any unwanted mark and scratches, it won’t hurt anyone who touch your works, and it will also make your works look very professional.

Wood Sanding Tips

There are two ways to do this task, it’s either with your hands or using an electric sanders. Each of them has their own positive and negative sides. There are a couple types of electric sanders with different price range in the market. What makes each of it different is about the movement that that each of the electric sanders could do.

  1. Belt sanders that move across the woods.
  2. Detail sanders that have a triangular pads and perfect for curves.
  3. Disc sanders that move in a circle.
  4. Drum sanders that spin around a drum.
  5. Finishing sanders that perfect for small corners.

Now the question is about the sanding types how many types are there. The sanding type also known as the grits. There are several types of grits from the most coarse to the finest grits. There are 80, which is the most coarse grits, then 100, 120, 150, 190, 220, and 320, which the finest one. The most important tip is to always start from the coarse to the fine grits.

How fine you will need to sand your woods is based on your needs. Basically there are three types:

Fine sanding

What counts as the fine grits are from 180 and up. Not all of the sanding methods and sanders would perform a noticeable effect on the woods. Only if you are using random-orbit sanders, or using a “pad” or vibrator, or if you are going to stained your woods. If you didn’t use or would going to do any of those then you don’t need a fine sanding because it would be useless.

If you are going to stain your woods, take a note that the finer you sand, the less the stained would stay on the woods. After you stained your woods, which have a fine sanding grits, the color would less stayed on the woods so it would be like a pale stain color. It’s okay if you wanted it that way but besides that, there is no other function to do fine sanding.

Squigglies sanding

The cross grain marks on the surface that random-orbital sanders left is called squigglies. Of course you don’t want them on your results. So, what you could do is sanding them first up to the finest grits, still using the electric sanders, and then sanding them again with the hand sanding method.

While using the hand sanding method, it’s better to sand along in the wood’s grains direction. Yes, this takes a lot of extra works but this is important if you want to stain them.

Better Wood Sanding

Cross-grain sanding

As I said before, it’s always important to sand woods along with the wood’s grains. If you don’t, then you are doing what it’s called sanding across the grains, which leads to tearing the wood fibers. You will end up with more scratches.

Mostly you won’t really see the scratches. But if you were going to stain them, it would be very visible. If you are not going to stain the woods, the scratches would likely cover up by the wood grains.

There are a couple of tips about sanding so it won’t take such a long time with such a lot of effort. Always sanding along with the wood grains or else you would need to a whole bunch of tasks to cover up more unwanted scratches. Second tip is sanding would affect so much on the results whether if you want to stain or not to stain the woods.

Next tip is to always remove the sanding dust. This would be best to do before you move to a finer sanding. Remove the dust just until you can’t feel any of the dust when you wipe the surface with your hand. The best tool to remove them is a vacuum because it got all of the dust so it won’t fly back like if you use a brush.

Next tip is always sand from the coarsest grits to a finer grits, you have to keep it step by step or people call it as sand them by the sequence. Other tips are buy a good quality yet still affordable sandpaper and always check whether you should continue or stop the sanding process.

How to buy the bets Refrigerator?

It’s not an easy task to buy a refrigerator, after all, you are replacing or buying probably the largest appliance of your household. A refrigerator works round the clock and we also want it to work efficiently without any interruption. Maybe, that’s why, we fail to understand the necessity of it in our life. It’s only the time of replacement that we will realise, what actually we have lost.

There is no scope of taking it granted any more, especially when you are unable to store food items and desperately, rush to the store everyday for your daily groceries. It’s a high time to change your refrigerator. But,  before proceeding, a clear concept regarding few things is a must.

Buying a refrigerator is actually a fair investment and if your present refrigerator is old enough, then before heading to buy a new one surveying the market is compulsory. There are numerous tech savvy features and attributes are added to the refrigerator, to make it more efficient and functional. Nowadays, this home appliance is no longer destined to keep the food cold only, but it makes life easier and speedier too.

Refrigerator Buying Guide

Types of refrigerator

First and foremost step is to identify such product is suitably meet your needs and for identifying the right one, a fair knowledge regarding the available options is needed. Here, we will focus on the four types of refrigerator that are highly in fashion.

French door

This one is the most user friendly and highly in fashion nowadays. Even occupying the top ranked position in the top chart consistently. If as a buyer, you don’t have any issues regarding the budget and the space, our suggestion will be please go with it. A French door refrigerator adds extra elegance to your house. These stainless-steel door refrigerator will be ranged above $2000. If money is not the issue, please go with it, it’s worth the money too.

Top freezer

This one may be the most common and popular choice of your household stuffs. This style is less tech savvy and less efficient than the other models and generally, does not exceed more than $1300. In their typical design, you may have to sacrifice some storage capacity too. For limited budget buyers, this one is a perfect choice. It can easily replace your old one without exceeding the budget.

Side by side

They were highly in fashion in 1980, which is now replaced by a French door refrigerator. If you need a larger freezer than this one may be the perfect choice for you, but the small compartments of the refrigerator will not allow you to store foods like pizza. The extra in-door ice maker is the added benefit of this refrigerator. Unlike the other refrigerators, this one is extra susceptible to temperature.

Bottom freezer

This one is relatively rare in these days, as the market has widely moved to the French door refrigerators. When it’s about performance, this one is better than its successors and comparatively, cheaper than the others.

Things to consider before buying


Our compartments are no longer big enough to fit anything that you suddenly wish to buy. This is the reason of the saying, measure twice and buy once. It’s not only the case for refrigerator only, everything we wished to buy, measuring the allocated space for the appliance becomes essential. Large appliances like refrigerator occupy a larger area of your house, that’s why measuring the space is really important before heading for buying the refrigerator. If it fails to adjust in the allocated place, you may not be to fit it anywhere else. Moreover, you have to keep some space free around the refrigerator for air circulation.


The second most important factor is your budget. Refrigerators with its several features, though have become your savior from your daily life crisis, but equally have become a threat for your pocket also. Surely, it’s not  wise to spend a large amount for buying a tech-savvy refrigerator when you’re running out of budget. Don’t worry, you will have enough options to choose from, which will be in your budget too.

kitchen refrigerator

Good brand

Refrigerators are not cheap at all. So, our advice will be whenever you are planning to buy one, grab a good one that will last for many years. You can go with a good and reliable brand, for your refrigerator. They may change a little more, but the product will be good and worth for money too.


Buying refrigerators are not enough, for keeping it in good condition, proper maintenance is compulsory. Never put anything hot in the refrigerator, until it reaches the room temperature.  The temperature inside the refrigerator should always between 30 to 40 degree Fahrenheit. It should remain clean for avoiding odor. Take care of your refrigerator and it will also take care of you.

Wood Router and Home Improvement

If you are going to buy a new furniture, you must have selected the one that suits you, in terms of price and design. Those furniture and how your home looks like shows who you really are. But sometimes, things that are available in stores, still doesn’t suits you.

When you feel like it’s time to redecorate you house, you might think that you need to buy a new furniture or new things to make your home looks fresh, new, and different. So you go to the store to find things that you would like to put to give a new vibes to your home. Maybe, you also didn’t find the one that suits you.

Wooden Cutting Board

You could always make a custom furniture or things. But, also in some occasion, it didn’t go very well because it might end up not looks like what you wanted. So, you might wanna try to make it by yourself. It is hard at first but you will get used to it.

First, I suggest do not make furniture because they are big and need a lot of work. You can start with small things like a simple cutting board. Make a cutting board is really easy and would be a great start to learn how to use your wood router. You could also make any other cutlery, like a bowl, a plate, a spoon, or fork. A tray is also a great idea. I always love new things in the kitchen.

You could also make frames that you could use as a decoration in your home. Frames are also great to be like a first project. The simplest frames only need two kinds of router bits which is basic router bits. So it is great for you to start learning. After that, you could explore and make other shapes and patterns of a frames.

Next home improvement project ideas that would also great is mirror, shelf, table, and chair. Making these things might seems quite hard but no it is not. It is all about the joint, the rabbets, and the dadoes. If you made them in a precise size then it would fit perfectly to each other. Your furniture will be safe and strong, not shaking.

I personally such a huge fans of anything woods related. A wooden book shelf looks really great. Especially those in a very unique shape. A book stand to hold your books on the table will also be a nice touch to your table. Organizing your books will make your home feel more organized and neat. Well, organizing your things actually.

Anyway, if you have quite a lot of things that perhaps a little bit too many when it is on the table or if you keep it in a box or something. Then you might want to consider making a knick knack shelf to properly show them off. This shelf is perfect to put your awards (chalice or medal or certificate), or perhaps any of your collection (CD, DVD, stamps, photos, ticket, camera, anything). Just put on any of things you liked that you wanted to see everyday when you are at home. This shelf is so good and perfect as a nice touch rather than an empty wall. This will also be somewhat your hall of fame in the house.

Knick knack shelves

For those who use laptop a lot, making a simple laptop table that you could use anywhere, on bed for example, is a great idea to use laptop in a more comfortable way. Then if you already master how to use the wood router, you could start with a big project. The key is to always practice and explore more.

Using a wood router might need a lot of practice and quite a few of tools. But it is worth the effort. You could make a lot of things with it that will make your home feeling a little bit more homey. Design and in size as you wish, also in quality that you could afford, and of course it shows your characteristic, you made it yourself, you have a connection to it. Don’t forget to choose the right wood router. There are lots of wood router reviews out there that you could use a reference.

What Makes The Best Wood Router?

The wood router is one of the most essential of all tools. This is because it is a very special kind of tool that has been in demand and need for a very long time. It is the stuff that awesome tools are made of, and always, will be. Wood routers are just the thing to have around every time. You do plan on creating a master piece out of wood. The wood router is used specifically to make different kinds of furniture and various woodworking projects. The challenge of finding the very best wood router from all of the wood routers is in the quality of routers themselves. This quality is something that varies greatly between both the brands and the models. It is easier said than done in some cases. Therefore, when you go looking for the very best of wood routers, you need to turn to the wood router reviews for the inside tract literally.

Router for wood working

What do some of the wood router reviews say?

The answer to this question is very clear. You would want to get a wood router that is more than just a wood router. What does this translate to? It would be a do-it-all router. It is a form of specialized machine that can handle all of your router needs with just one lone machine wonder. This is the ultimate wood router for it own reasons. These reasons are all about taking care of every possible router need indeed.

What are some of the requirements to have for a do-it-all router?

Every wood router does have its own specifics and what not. The very same can be said about the do-it-all router. This is because the do-it-all router is truly one of the finest kinds of routers that is on the market. Some of the requirements that go along with a do-it-all router do include some of the following. They are:

  • Must have enough power to be able to run any bit. This means even the largest of all panel-raisers
  • There must be a variable speed motor that has a soft start about it. It should also have electronic feedback that can support speed under load.
  • Features, as well as, some good balance to take care of handheld fixed-depth routing.
  • Plunge action that is very easy to use and that is also smooth in delivery.
  • Total bit-height adjustability that goes through the base and is for router table usage.

The do-it-all router has top power and speed among routers first class

What is great about the do-it-all router is practically everything. They not only can do multiple things in just one router. They also are tops when it comes to having awesome power and speed that is distinctly all their own. No other router on the market can compare to the do-it-all router machine. This is because each wood router is capable of doing one thing mainly. The do-it-all can do it all literally like its name suggests.

These routers are able to plow through any handheld tasks like a hot knife going through butter. They don’t get bogged down at all. This even applied when these router machines were fed more at a much faster rate than ever. They still are capable of handling the 10-feet-per minute feed rate overall. Even when the ante was upped, the do-it-all router was still able to do its job without getting bogged down. It kept its pace without bogging down. This does reveal the amazing speed that these wood routers do have.

The Bosch PR20EVSPK router

Now, as for the speed, how does the do-it-all stand up?

The do-it-all router can truly do it all, not just power wise, but also speed wise. It was tested with slow speeds that do work worlds better for much bigger bits. One of its lowest speeds still did produce top results of cutting and this was at 12,000 rpm speed. Slower speeds are always much preferred when routing woods. This is because they can cause burning or tear out. These very special routers do withstand a great deal and still manage to keep it all together when cutting profiles and anything else that is put to them.

There are lots of things that qualify a wood router to be the best wood router. However, not all wood routers can be a do-it-all router, and this is something that does indeed speak for itself.