Wood Router and Home Improvement

If you are going to buy a new furniture, you must have selected the one that suits you, in terms of price and design. Those furniture and how your home looks like shows who you really are. But sometimes, things that are available in stores, still doesn’t suits you.

When you feel like it’s time to redecorate you house, you might think that you need to buy a new furniture or new things to make your home looks fresh, new, and different. So you go to the store to find things that you would like to put to give a new vibes to your home. Maybe, you also didn’t find the one that suits you.

Wooden Cutting Board

You could always make a custom furniture or things. But, also in some occasion, it didn’t go very well because it might end up not looks like what you wanted. So, you might wanna try to make it by yourself. It is hard at first but you will get used to it.

First, I suggest do not make furniture because they are big and need a lot of work. You can start with small things like a simple cutting board. Make a cutting board is really easy and would be a great start to learn how to use your wood router. You could also make any other cutlery, like a bowl, a plate, a spoon, or fork. A tray is also a great idea. I always love new things in the kitchen.

You could also make frames that you could use as a decoration in your home. Frames are also great to be like a first project. The simplest frames only need two kinds of router bits which is basic router bits. So it is great for you to start learning. After that, you could explore and make other shapes and patterns of a frames.

Next home improvement project ideas that would also great is mirror, shelf, table, and chair. Making these things might seems quite hard but no it is not. It is all about the joint, the rabbets, and the dadoes. If you made them in a precise size then it would fit perfectly to each other. Your furniture will be safe and strong, not shaking.

I personally such a huge fans of anything woods related. A wooden book shelf looks really great. Especially those in a very unique shape. A book stand to hold your books on the table will also be a nice touch to your table. Organizing your books will make your home feel more organized and neat. Well, organizing your things actually.

Anyway, if you have quite a lot of things that perhaps a little bit too many when it is on the table or if you keep it in a box or something. Then you might want to consider making a knick knack shelf to properly show them off. This shelf is perfect to put your awards (chalice or medal or certificate), or perhaps any of your collection (CD, DVD, stamps, photos, ticket, camera, anything). Just put on any of things you liked that you wanted to see everyday when you are at home. This shelf is so good and perfect as a nice touch rather than an empty wall. This will also be somewhat your hall of fame in the house.

Knick knack shelves

For those who use laptop a lot, making a simple laptop table that you could use anywhere, on bed for example, is a great idea to use laptop in a more comfortable way. Then if you already master how to use the wood router, you could start with a big project. The key is to always practice and explore more.

Using a wood router might need a lot of practice and quite a few of tools. But it is worth the effort. You could make a lot of things with it that will make your home feeling a little bit more homey. Design and in size as you wish, also in quality that you could afford, and of course it shows your characteristic, you made it yourself, you have a connection to it. Don’t forget to choose the right wood router. There are lots of wood router reviews out there that you could use a reference.

What Makes The Best Wood Router?

The wood router is one of the most essential of all tools. This is because it is a very special kind of tool that has been in demand and need for a very long time. It is the stuff that awesome tools are made of, and always, will be. Wood routers are just the thing to have around every time. You do plan on creating a master piece out of wood. The wood router is used specifically to make different kinds of furniture and various woodworking projects. The challenge of finding the very best wood router from all of the wood routers is in the quality of routers themselves. This quality is something that varies greatly between both the brands and the models. It is easier said than done in some cases. Therefore, when you go looking for the very best of wood routers, you need to turn to the wood router reviews for the inside tract literally.

Router for wood working

What do some of the wood router reviews say?

The answer to this question is very clear. You would want to get a wood router that is more than just a wood router. What does this translate to? It would be a do-it-all router. It is a form of specialized machine that can handle all of your router needs with just one lone machine wonder. This is the ultimate wood router for it own reasons. These reasons are all about taking care of every possible router need indeed.

What are some of the requirements to have for a do-it-all router?

Every wood router does have its own specifics and what not. The very same can be said about the do-it-all router. This is because the do-it-all router is truly one of the finest kinds of routers that is on the market. Some of the requirements that go along with a do-it-all router do include some of the following. They are:

  • Must have enough power to be able to run any bit. This means even the largest of all panel-raisers
  • There must be a variable speed motor that has a soft start about it. It should also have electronic feedback that can support speed under load.
  • Features, as well as, some good balance to take care of handheld fixed-depth routing.
  • Plunge action that is very easy to use and that is also smooth in delivery.
  • Total bit-height adjustability that goes through the base and is for router table usage.

The do-it-all router has top power and speed among routers first class

What is great about the do-it-all router is practically everything. They not only can do multiple things in just one router. They also are tops when it comes to having awesome power and speed that is distinctly all their own. No other router on the market can compare to the do-it-all router machine. This is because each wood router is capable of doing one thing mainly. The do-it-all can do it all literally like its name suggests.

These routers are able to plow through any handheld tasks like a hot knife going through butter. They don’t get bogged down at all. This even applied when these router machines were fed more at a much faster rate than ever. They still are capable of handling the 10-feet-per minute feed rate overall. Even when the ante was upped, the do-it-all router was still able to do its job without getting bogged down. It kept its pace without bogging down. This does reveal the amazing speed that these wood routers do have.

The Bosch PR20EVSPK router

Now, as for the speed, how does the do-it-all stand up?

The do-it-all router can truly do it all, not just power wise, but also speed wise. It was tested with slow speeds that do work worlds better for much bigger bits. One of its lowest speeds still did produce top results of cutting and this was at 12,000 rpm speed. Slower speeds are always much preferred when routing woods. This is because they can cause burning or tear out. These very special routers do withstand a great deal and still manage to keep it all together when cutting profiles and anything else that is put to them.

There are lots of things that qualify a wood router to be the best wood router. However, not all wood routers can be a do-it-all router, and this is something that does indeed speak for itself.

Types of Woods That Suitable For Wood Working

Oak, pine, maple, cedar, birch, cherry, mahogany, fir, elm, rosewood, and other types of woods, you name it. Wait, are we going to build a forest from these woods? That is a great idea to stop global warming, but not now. If you are a wood worker or just got into wood working, through those types of woods, do you really know which one is really suitable for your wood working project. What if I wanted to make a furniture, which woods that is suitable for it? How about a home simple decoration, what woods should I use?

Basically, there are two types of woods:

1. Softwoods

  • Relatively cheaper.
  • It grows fast so that’s why it is easier to find and a lot cheaper.
  • The colors and patterns are not as beautiful as the hardwoods.
  • Very suitable for a beginner.
  • Much easier to work with.

2. Hardwoods

  • More expensive than the softwoods.
  • It is hard to find and it grows slowly that’s why hardwoods are more expensive than softwoods.
  • Hardwoods surely have much beautiful pattern and color.
  • Some of it are hard to work with, you must become a professional or really have a deep knowledge on wood working.
  • Some of these hardwoods has become extinct, if you still bought it or not bought the materials from a tree farms, that means you have succeeded in contributing for a deforestation.

Softwoods Groups


This wood’s characteristic are soft, easy to work with, reddish color, and has a slight smell. Cedar has been famous for it’s resistant to moisture and it won’t rotting. Because of that, cedar are suitable for any outdoor project. Such as, exterior furniture, decks, and others.The most common type from this wood is the Western Red Cedar. This woods are also the most affordable and the easiest to find.

Western Red Cedar


This wood’s characteristic are soft, easy to work with, have a pale yellow to very light brown color, mostly will stain very well but there is a type which does not stain very well, and it is easy to get scratch or dent on this wood. It is very easy to find this wood and really affordable. Because pine is soft, it is great for carving. You have to be careful because they have tendency to leave quite a lot of pine tar on your wood working’s tools especially on the blades. If you want affordable wood flooring, pine is a great option.


The characteristic of this wood are soft, have a white to light brown color, easy to work with, and have coarse grain. This is the most suitable woods for cutlery or kitchen utensils.


The characteristic of this woods are the hardest among other softwoods, a straight grain, not really interesting grain, does not take stain very well, and have a reddish brown color. Because it does not have an interesting grain and pattern, then it is perfect to use for a product that needs to be paint afterwards. This wood is suitable for furniture making, usually people use it for book shelves and others.


The characteristic of this wood are more expensive among other softwoods, straight grain, red color, and it is compatible in resist moisture very well. That’s why, just like the cedar woods, redwood is great for outdoor projects.

Hardwoods Groups


This is the most famous woods in the use for furniture making. It is hard, strong, heavy, beautiful grain, have a reddish brown to tan color, good for outdoor and indoor project, and can take stains very well. Oak could also compatible with resisting moisture. Oak has been used quite a lot for wood flooring because the color, pattern and grain will make it stand out.

Oak wood


There are soft and hard maple woods, but the soft maple still harder than other woods. The hard maple is so hard, makes it hard to work with. But the soft maple is easy to work with. Maple has straight grain, not moisture resistant so this should be used for indoor projects, have a light to reddish brown color, and have quite different ways for the finishing stages. This wood mostly and famously used for furniture making because of its stability.


The characteristic of this wood are quite soft, makes it very easy to work with, stable, affordable, but unfortunately have not an interesting grains. This wood is suitable to make drawers because it will be painted so no one is really going to see the pattern.


This is one of the rare woods, so it is super expensive. This is the most moisture resistant wood so it is very suitable for outdoor projects, it has golden brown color, oily, and very easy to work with.


This wood is also one of the expensive one and also rare. Usually people use for luxury furniture making.

The list doesn’t stop here. There are still a lot of other woods that you could for your woodworking but these are the most common that people used. Knowing the right woods for your wood working project is essential. Each of the woods has different characteristic that suits different kind of project. Also, check the prices since several of them are really expensive. Make sure you did not but the wrong ones.

Some interesting story about Home Furniture

If you enjoy the outdoors as much as most log home enthusiasts, you want the property immediately adjacent to your home – patio, garden and pool – to be an extension of it, perfect for summertime entertaining. Creating outdoor rooms with your landscaping provides special features to any log home, but the inclusion of wood furniture means more than added style and comfort. Outdoor furnishing very often become focal points of a home’s exterior, stirring the imaginations of guests who might be surprised by an all – wood rocker chair or swing, but arc instantly comfortable with it. After all, it natural and what could be more appropriate and fitting for the porch or deck of a homemade of logs than wood furniture?

wood furniture designs

Depending on the look you want LO achieve, homeowners have a variety of styles to choose from in outdoor furniture including rustic, modern even different types of regional designs such as Southwest or Adirondack. The style of your home and your personal preference dictates your choice. And today master craftsmen throughout the country are producing outdoor furniture suitable for any home – and budget.


Some eight years ago furniture maker Tommy Mitchell began making wood furniture in a workshop by his lakeside cabin. Out of necessity he designed and built his own cabin furnishings. Large and small, because he couldn’t find sturdy durable furniture that he liked. Today the company he founded, Rocky Top Furniture based in Burgin-Kentucky, comprises about 8,000 square feet of space and produces a vast selection of outdoor and indoor furnishings. The company has found a particular niche in creating furniture with a modern look: benches, tables, chairs, rockers – items that have modern design appeal yet work well in either rustic or contemporary setting. We use only northern white cedar.” says Mitchell, “because of its beauty, strength and durability. It has long-lasting strength and the benefit of our mortise and tenon construction techniques.”

Under the watchful eye of Lee Williams, production foreman, some 18 skilled wood craftsmen create quality outdoor furniture that can withstand extreme weather conditions, resist insects, and never rots.

Rocky Top is making a name for itself in a big way. Its products are available through its main office and a store at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge. Tennessee, the latter open from April 18th to Dec 31st. Its furniture is also in the popular J. Peterman Catalog and in Bass Pro Shops.

Wood Furniture


Mitchell and Larry Williams, vice president, offer the following advice for buying wood furniture

  • Ask the manufacturer some questions. For example, what type of construction is used?
  • Is it easy to assemble? (Most are not already assembled.)
  • Is the wood durable? Will it rot? How often does ii need to be treated?
  • Is there a guarantee or warranty? For how long?
  • Are the hardware and nails for outdoor use? Are the nails galvanized or the hardware Teflon-coated?
  • Shipping. Is it properly packaged and easy to ship? What is the shipping cost?
  • What happens lithe product is damaged during shipment?
  • Mitchell concludes, “Know what you need and want:Quality, design, strength and longevity can make your outdoor furniture an investment that will last a lifetime.”


For the family that prefers furniture made with a particular concern for recycling natural resources, Alpha Omega studios. Western Furnishings, Inc. in Grass Valley, California might have just the answer to their needs. Fifteen years ago artist Terry Hertz developed his own distinct line of primitive and Western furniture, both indoor and outdoor, Today 15 craftsmen at his 5,000 square foot workshop use old beams, timbers, even old wagon wheels. Each piece is entirely handmade, transforming the recycled hardwoods into handsome solid furniture. 

Hertz has had particular success with his line of outdoor Wagon Wheel furnishings and accessories, including such items as the “John Wayne” three-seater bench, the little Joe” two-seater bench, and the Coffee/End Table with a tree trunk base (24” in diameter), to name a few. “Almost every piece can be used year round and in every weather element,” Hertz says. “These pieces are tough, but also beautiful, comfortable and functional. Because of the scarcity of the material we use, these pieces will last.”

This craftsman personally inspects every piece. Alpha Omega has made furniture for such commercial clients as Walt Disney Productions, Sundance and Yosemite National Park Only the finest quality finishes and attention to details are used.”


Hertz has some tips for those interested in buying outdoor wood furniture that will last for years. “It begins with the type of wood.” he notes. Hardwoods are the best – soft woods, such as pine, will rot quickly unless primed and painted. In most cases softwood should have no ground contact if year round use is intended. Is the wood dry? Moisture content is important unless warping, shrinking and cracking are of no concern. Be careful of companies that do not dry the wood prior to applying any scalar. These may actually trap water and slow the drying process or even cause large cracks to appear when at last the woodiness, but too rapidly”.

Wood Furniture for home 

He says you should start with the reliability of the company. He suggests you ask, how long has the company been a business? Is there a color catalog? How can you be sure the item you select will essentially match what you paid for and receive?”

The designer offers the following points to consider when choosing outdoor furnishings made of wood:

  • Type of wood. Remember hardwoods are the best. Does the company cut trees? Is its wood from a tropical rain forest?
  • Finish. What is it? Is it wax, deck sealer, log home sealer, oil, lacquer or varnish?

The best are deck and log home sealants. These usually have a tung oil and transparent oxide pigments that are absorbed into the wood’s fibers and inhibit drainage caused by the sun rays as well as providing an effective water barrier. Alpha Omega Western Furnishings products use one that incorporates a mildewcide, which inhibits the growth of mildew.