Nov 2011

Japan Open Re-cap

This week Darren attended the Japan Open 10ball tournament. He began his campaign winning his first 2 matches comfortably at 8 racks to 3 and 8 racks to 1 in the last 64 stage. His next match would put Dyno into the brutal single elimination round of the tournament with the last 32.

Darren carries his good form forward into the last 32 defeating his next opponent 10 – 5 after a slow start and stuck at 4 – 1 Darren was able to put 5 rack clearances back to back to win 10 – 5. Dyno went on to win his next match from 6 – 3 down to win 10 – 7 and secure his place in the last 16.

His next opponent was to be Wu Cha Ching, the Filipino ace that Darren defeated in 2008 to become the world 10 ball champion. Unfortunately Darren would lose this match 10 – 6 after some tough rolls and a bit of bad luck. However still a good performance securing Darren 9th place.

Dynamite returns to the UK on Tuesday to begin preparations for the Mosconi cup in December, will Europe win again on American soil? Can Darren pull off yet another astonishing MVP performance? We will have to wait and see!

Don’t forget to check out Dyno’s official blog for his thoughts!

Team Dyno out.

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